Received this note from a client I worked with 8 years ago. Even though she rehomed her dog it turned out for the best. Thank you CY

I will never forget the day he came to my home that day in December and said “she is trainable with the right owner” . I had adopted a cane corso. She had been returned to the shelter in Brooklyn 2x after being removed from the original owner. She had been abused. I wanted so desperately to save her. She was great for the first two weeks. By the third week she would show signs of aggression to anybody around me . She was protecting me. She had been abused and left outside in all sorts of weather. She was picked up by the ASPCA two times from the previous owner for signs of abuse. Before being returned 2x after that . Why she was able to go through this two times with an abuser I’ll never know... anyway I forgot how I was referred to him but I found him and he came to my house. Within five minutes when he walked in my door he knew right away that I was scared. I’ll never forget his words “she is trainable with the right owner” after debating on putting her to sleep, I just couldn’t do it . Even though she was showing signs of aggression to everybody around me even my six-year-old daughter. I did find the right owner and she still alive today eight years later dying of only of old age. She found the right owner and I saved her life because of this man’s honesty. Within the two hours he spent with her made me realize a whole lot . He helped me become a better dog owner for the short time I kept her until finding her the proper owner. He knew how to handle her! I look at him as her life saver...not me thank you Dan ....8 years later she is still alive but dying only of old age




Zaden Zaden-DanTrainsDogs


When I first contacted Dan and Kathy, I was at my wits end. Our handsome, cute, and loving puppy had grown into a young adult, who was frankly ruling the house more often than not.

I had attended a few obedience classes in the past, gathered information from family and friends, and scoured the internet in search of ways to rectify his behaviors that were accumulating. My dog was barking nonstop in the evenings, wouldn't let anyone come into our house easily, was often uncontrollable on the leash, having unexplained "accidents" in the home, jumping on counters, furniture, and somehow managed to think that my 8-year-old daughter was his littermate. To be honest, I was quickly becoming miserable...and even worse, I felt awful about it. My dreams of a loving family dog were quickly fading, and I was seriously distraught. I had no idea what to do, and I didn't want to give him up.

Out of seemingly nowhere, Dan came highly recommended by a friend of mine. I had to admit, I was skeptical; training a dog in 3 hours seemed unheard of. I am incredibly happy and thankful to say though. It worked. And I mean, it REALLY worked. My dog's change in behavior around Dan was incredibly noticeable, and as the visit continued, his behavior changed with the rest of my family as well. Dan's knowledge, confidence, and understanding of dogs is apparent. The 3-hour visit was comfortable, fun, and honestly, life-changing.

Now, nearly a month later, I am happy to say that I have seen no signs of regression from my dog. Each day gets better and pup tends to be a bit stubborn, and may occasionally try to push his limits, but 95% of his behavioral concerns went out the window that night alone. Moreover, he actually listens to me now, and all around seems happier and relaxed.

I can't thank Dan and Kathy enough for all they do, and am forever grateful for the impact they have had. Amazing service, and amazing people. Hands down, this session was the best investment ever. Thank you!






Bär, Brunswick NY, September 2016  




Hi Dan & Kathy,

Just have to share with you some awesome news. Only two weeks after our training session with Dan and we were able to head out on a family camping trip with Bär in tow and she did wonderfully! Better than we ever could have imagined!

It’s past the peak camping season so we knew it wouldn’t be busy and we could control her environment better. First off, the two-hour ride in the truck – each way – she did great!

Then at the campsite the rules are that dogs must be leashed or tethered at all times while outside. We immediately picked a spot in our site where she could do her duty and that’s where she went the whole time. (We trained her since she was a pup with the command, “Do your duty. Hurry up!”, and she has a certain spot in our yard where she goes and nowhere else. So we did the same thing at the campsite and we cleaned up after her.

We brought her “place” mat but used an old sheet for the same purpose outside the camper. We didn’t let her bark or go after wildlife. She even sat and watched the kids down at the shore feed a flock of ducks that visited us the whole weekend. (We had a waterfront site.) We didn’t allow her to bark at them. The very first time she saw them and started to bark at them we corrected her and she did great the whole rest of the time.

We did three pack walks every day on the road along the campsites and she was fabulous. There were lots of other dogs at the campground too. Much more than we had expected and we walked her past campsites with dogs and people and she did great! We did the walk-around too.

By the last morning I walked her past a child, women and men and she was great. On the last day we went for our walk and on the way back, after we passed the site that had what looked to be two pit-bull mixes, one of them took both and me by surprise and started barking at us from behind. (The owner had them tethered but up close to the road where people walk!) Anyway, it spooked Bär as well as me and she jumped and took off forward. My citrus spray can went flying out of my hand but I kept her controlled and got her right back into place next to me and let her know I had it under control. She never made a sound or attempted to go back after the other dog. Both our hearts were racing I’m sure and I wanted to go back and use my can of spray on the dog owner but I restrained myself!

The three days we were away we watched dog after dog walk its owner past our campsite. It was silly to see the biggest guys being pulled along by the smallest of dogs. And I was amazed how so few people obey the rules. Clean up after your dog. Nope. We’d walk Bär and have to scoot around the mess someone’s dog left. We’d see all these people walking their dogs and they were letting them mark and wet all along the way. No dogs allowed in the water. Nope. As soon as they arrived the pit-bull mixes were allowed to jump in the water.

One couple had a beautiful three-month-old husky pup and she was pulling them along. Our kids heard them walking one day and the guy was saying, “Let me have the leash. I know how to control her.” Then I saw him the next morning being walked by her and letting her mark all along the way. We could only imagine how much stronger that dog is going to be in three to six months.

I daydreamed of calling all the dog owners together and giving them a training session on how to walk your dog properly! Except the man with two beautiful shepherds we met the day we were leaving – he was walking a two-year-old male and four-month old female on one side of him and they were walking beautifully – every single person we saw was being walked by their dog no matter the breed. Even our kids noticed and when my son saw a couple sitting by their campfire one night while he was out walking with my husband and the man had their dog sitting on his lap, our son turned to Dave and said, “that dog owns him” we couldn’t help chuckling.

Anyway, we are all in awe of how well Bär is doing after only two weeks of training and can’t wait to see how well she does with two more weeks of training. When we got home from our trip and were busy unpacking our camper we tethered her in our yard and she entertained herself and when the next door neighbors’ whippet mix was let out on her tether and came to the end of it barking away at Bär, she never even paid any attention to her. The neighbor had to come out and call her dog in because of the racket it was making while Bär just went on playing.

We know there are things we need to work on – the whining, and also here at home when people come to the door. But she is noticeably calmer and sleeps much more too. We are so thankful to you, Dan for all you’ve taught us. You really should write that book!

Just wanted to fill you in on how well she’s doing!

DF & Family  Brunswick NY



Phoenix and Erin October 2013


I'm sure 99.9% of families contact you after your visit to express their gratitude and appreciation... and I'm another name to add to that list. My little Aussie toddler Phoenix just completed his first pack leadership walk this morning and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. I'll admit that I was extremely skeptical of what you could bring to the table. I felt like I had exhausted every training method out there and that my dog was just destined to be both a cute companion AND a pain in the butt. Now I just don't know why I wasted so much time before reaching out to you!

Phoenix before Dan’s visit:

I really feel as if I understand your passion for the work you do now considering there are so many misconceptions and confusion in the dog training world about how to really love our animals. I initially started my puppy out in a positive reinforcement training class when he was about 4 months old and while he thoroughly enjoyed doing tricks and performing tasks, that kind of training wasn't sufficient when it came to dealing with his more aggressive and dominant tendencies. When I witnessed with my own eyes how much more relaxed and happy Phoenix has become after learning his proper role and job, I just wish I knew all this sooner and didn't fall into the trap of treating my dog like a "fur baby".

I wish more people knew that the kind of love dogs need and adore is first and foremost GUIDANCE. All this time I thought I was such a great person for letting my dog be who he wanted to be without any rules. Little did I know this much leeway and independence was sending his anxiety through the roof!

I've already grown so fond of that look of adoration Phoenix gives me while we're out walking. Cars passed us on our walk today which normally would have sent Phoenix into a complete fit but instead with a few "reminders" of the leash he was content with looking up and watching me rather than reacting to the commotion around him.You have a real knack for understanding dogs and I'm so glad you passed your wisdom along to me. I hope you can reach more and more people in the years to come because every dog deserves to feel safe and happy.

Best of luck to you Dan and thanks again!

Erin and Phoenix





Hi Dan, 
Ruffin and I cannot thank you enough for all you did in helping us with our Zuzu's behavioral problems.   As you suggested, we are still taking "baby steps" with her, but already, the difference isZuZu-DanTrainsDogs remarkable.   Prior to your session, just trying to walk her down the road of our quiet development was a nightmare.   She would pull and strain the entire time on her leash, and even just a simple car driving by (much less passing another dog walker!) would cause her to spin and twirl and snap at her leash, and if you got in the way, you were going to get bit.    That behavior is now COMPLETELY gone.    She walks nicely on leash (with an occasional reminder), and doesn't even seem to notice when cars go by.  

This past weekend, as part of her training, we took her up to a paved walking path in South Glens Falls called the Betar Byway that has joggers, bicyclists, skateboarders, and lots of other dog walkers.........all things that would have previously caused her to go crazy.  We didn't expect perfect behavior from her as we were using this walk as the next "baby step" in her progress, but she did better than we could have dared to hope.   We walked four miles on this busy trail and only had to use the "attitude adjustment" spray two times.   

Dan, you have added more quality and joy to our lives than you will ever know.  Zuzu is like our furry daughter, and we were so devastated at the thoughts of not being able to take her out in public, not even for a simple walk around the block.    All that changed in one three-hour session with you. 

If you ever need a recommendation, please don't hesitate to give out our name and number.   I cannot say enough good things about DanTrainsDogs! 

Thanks again, more than you know, 


Kathy & Ruffin





What a blessing it was to find out about Dan Rossignol! After welcoming our first child last March, our Spanish Water Dog developed anxiety and leash aggression towards other dogs. He's Lennon-DanTrainsDogsreally such a sweet dog and plays well with dogs off leash but that's hard to explain to strangers and neighbors when you're walking by. After a couple of hours with Dan, Lennon was back to his happy, relaxed self! Dan really took the time to not only make sure Lennon knew what we were expecting of him but that my husband and I understood exactly what we needed to do. No more hiding under the table, obsessive licking, or even much barking when someone comes to the door. Our walks are easy and pleasant now too. We love our dog very much and that's what made up our minds to call Dan - I'm so glad we did! I would highly recommend Dan to anyone. 









Shane, Molly, Tristan, and Lennon

April 2012





Hi Dan,

Dick and I want to THANK YOU for your time and terrific training last week. Jasper is doing FANTASTIC. He walks before each meal (he seems to have quickly associated the walk and food) and is aJasper-DanTrainsDogs perfect gentleman when he eats. We've noticed that he is much more relaxed when he eats ;we haven't had any need to use the spray during meals. As a matter of fact, after using the spray just once (when he refused to give up a shoe) now all we need to do is show him the can and he releases whatever he has in his mouth.

We are still amazed that such a change occured with just the one visit you made. We wouldn't have believed it possible. It is so good to have a calm dog eating without any growling. THANKS TO YOU.

We're hoping that in the future Jasper and Ruby will again be able to stay at a kennel(when necessary we prefer to keep them at home with a family member taking care of them) without any problems but we have no plans to do that for a while. We generally prefer to take them with us and do so whenever possible.

We have already told a number of our friends about how you trained us to deal with Jasper's poor behavior. They are as impressed as we are with your talent.

We wish you well.
Dick and Lorraine Carlson
and Jasper and Ruby, too
Gloversville, NY







Good morning. It has been several weeks since you were at our house. Our Golden Retriver, Mulligan, was a handle. Walks were difficult and to have guests in our home was challenging at best. Utilizing the techniques that you taught us, we can happily report that life with Mulligan is unbelievably pleasant. No more jumping on guests, no more nipping, no more pulling on his leash... Unbelievable!!! People approach us and Mulligan will quickly go into a sit so that the approaching party can pet him. It is Great !!! So Thank you so much.

Mike, Lisa & Mulligan (Waterford, NY)




"If we didn't see it with our own eyes we would not believe it. Within about 90 minutes, our dog Beau went from almost uncontrollable to a very calm trainable pet, thanks to Dan Rossignol."

- Harry & Gail


"Dan's understanding, patience and gentleness have trained my two Dobermanns to become well-disciplined animals. Thank you Dan!"

- A. Bowers



"Bandit is a changed dog. After one session with you, he has calmed down, sleeps more, barks much less, and cooperates fully."Bandit

- Susan







"It has been about a year and a half, and we haven't had any ugly incidents with our two rotties (Alex and Taji). Dan, your methods helped us tremendously. We thank you very much."

- Alice & Frank



"Thank you so much for helping Blue to 'mature' overnight! He is so much better behaved. The mailman, neighbors, and people that come to the door can hardly believe it’s the same dog! He’s been such a pleasure. It feels great to be enjoying him as we should be able to, rather than being annoyed by him throughout the day. We will definitely be passing the word about you and how you can help people/families with 'difficult' dogs! Thanks again! This is my favorite picture of Blue. I hope you enjoy it!"

-Linda and Pat Peluso



"We were first time dog owners when we brought Zoe, a German Shepard mix, home from the Humane Society. After a week of nipping at my wife and ripping at her clothes, we began to think we might have to send her back. Little did we know then that your visit to our home would completely change our lives as it did. Your instructions in that one lesson showed us how we could work with Zoe to become what she is now, the best dog there is! Dan, we can never thank you enough for all you have done for us."

- Raja & Gail




"I was a bit skeptical of what Dan Rossignol does, so I went with him to watch him work with a few dogs. When we arrived at the homes the dog were out of control and dangerous, but after just 90 minutes in each home the dogs became well trained animals. I've personally seen what Dan has done for other dog owners, and I know he can work for you and your dog too."

- Dan Miner, 98.5 WCKM Radio


"I can't say enough about Dan Rossignol, and his training of dogs! He has a wonderful gift the way he communicates with them."


- Gail



"Dan, I can not thank you enough for giving me my puppy back. She is such a joy. We are working very well together. I have controlled the biting and we have taken several walks together. We even have our play time together without the crazy uncontrolled running. I have even gotten Buttons to stop the chewing on my shoe laces. To say you have a God given gift is not enough, but, it is so true. I learned a lot from you and enjoyed working with you. I can't say thank you enough. Buttons and I and Mom thank you as we are enjoying being together again."

Jan Hermance


"My wife and I have a 2 year old Stafford shire Terrier named Drai who had very poor heeling habits. Before we met Dan we had just about lost all hope that he would be a normal dog. It had actually gotten to the point where we were trying to use our older dog as a trainer, but that failed as well. Within the first 15 minutes of our 90 minute session, Dan had Drai heeling on the leash. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We were amazed.


Dan then had me take Drai outside, and he taught me how to talk & walk with him. It was like I had a new dog. My wife, who couldn’t control Drai on the leash, took him out and couldn’t believe the results.


Dan also gave us some pointers on how to keep Drai from jumping on people and how to better his social skills. It is an ongoing process, we work with Drai everyday, but he is making great strides with his overall training and we owe it all to Dan. He truly is amazing!"


With great appreciation,

-Michael & Stephany - Saratoga Springs, NY