Frequently Asked Questions


"I'm beginning to get the feeling my dog thinks he's the one in charge around here."



My mother-in-law tells me I'm too easy on my dog. She says the dog's refusal to stay off of the furniture (especially when we have company over) is a sign that the dog thinks he's in control, not me or my husband. Is it really possible to be too lenient?


In a word: ABSOLUTELY. Your dog needs to see you as the boss. If he doesn't see you that way, you're bound to face a number of behavior problems over time. You need to be firm, NOT mean to the dog. In fact, a combination of firm persistence and loving praise is what makes the Targeted Training for Your Dog method so successful. By the way, you can train your dog to stay off the furniture, but be sure to give the dog a spot in the home to call his own.


I want my dog to be calm and relaxed when visitors come to my home, but after your training, will my dog still protect me if a bad person shows up on my doorstep in the middle of the night?


Your dog is very sensitive to danger. If someone comes pounding on your door in the middle of the night, and you're scared, go with those feelings. Let your heart pound and your sweat flow. Your dog will pick up on the danger signals and do all it can to protect you.


I've seen the glowing testimonials about the great work Dan Rossignol does, but how can I be sure Targeted Training for Your Dog won't send over somebody less qualified to train my dog at my home?


...Dan Trains Dogs has only one dog trainer, Dan Rossignol. When you deal with Dan Trains Dogs, you'll always deal with the owner because Dan is the owner. Our clients always get our best work because you'll always get our best trainer - our only trainer - Dan Rossignol.


You make 90 minute visits to the homes of your clients to train their dogs, do the dog owners need to be present at the training?


Your participation is critical to the long term success of our training. While there will be plenty of one on one time between Dan and your dog, there are important parts of the training that need your involvement. We think you'll be fascinated by the training process, and wind up feeling glad you were a part of it.


What happens if we have questions and concerns about our dog's behavior after your training session?


Questions from clients are always welcome.

Just call Dan at (518) 232-8106, and he'll answer your question at no additional charge.


During some "rough play" a few years ago, our dog bit at our teenaged nephew. It was just a nip, but it left a mark on the boy's leg. It's been a few years, but I'm still worried it could happen again - only with worse results. Are my worries justified?


Yes, you should be worried. Your dog has shown the potential to cause harm. It doesn't matter that years have passed since your nephew was nipped. Something inside your dog was revealed with that incident. You need to intervene before this ever happens again - before the dog you love and the people you love get into trouble or get harmed. Dan can help you eliminate the possibility of a painful "accident".